Case study – Sudden shift from Facebook to Instagram.

Aug 23, 2019

Many of you must have been used Instagram every day. because it’s great in all aspects, few of my friends stopped using Facebook and started using Instagram. And as per the survey I conducted with a group of 25 members. More number of users are using Instagram for messaging, around 70% user said they prefer Instagram messaging and 30% users like Facebook.

First and for most question to ask is WHY? Why are people are choosing Instagram for chat over Facebook messenger.

Out of 25 members
18 members prefer Instagram
7 members prefer Facebook messenger

I asked few questions in my WhatsApp group to understand the sudden shift from one platform to another.

The most common answers was privacy issues.

Privacy cases:
1. All my relatives and parents are in Facebook and they are not in Instagram.
2. I get unwanted messages from unknown people.
3. Other users will get to know if I am online or not.
4. diplomatic privacy settings, which makes thing worse.

Today most people see Facebook as a source of user data the same way we use True caller for, to check who that person is?

WHY sudden shift?

Biggest problem with Facebook is, privacy settings, even after finding and changing all the privacy settings, and listening to news about Facebook data breach, people feel unsafe and chances of moving out is more. In other hand Instagram as a product has all the most interesting features which Instagram.

The quest is to connect with new people, see what others are doing, checking status, watch videos, chat without alarming users about being online etc all which Instagram does. One thing which Instagram doesn’t have is status privacy, which is not a issue today with Instagram, as more and more contents are been uploaded.

Scrolling through Instagram can be time-consuming when you follow hundreds or thousands of accounts. This may feel unproductive if most of the content is not important to you at the time.

Most of people use Instagram according to mood. For example, I open Instagram whenever I feel bored or no work. At that time I am mainly looking for funny/comedy/friends posts, sometimes I open Instagram to see design related stuff. but I get all kind of posts at once. so I keep scrolling feed for a long time to see what I actually want to see. which is an actual waste of time.

Now, if I start thinking from a company perspective, definitely as a company we want more and more active users, which mean mixture of relevant and not relevant content. This is the same situation once in Facebook, mixture or relevant and non relevant content which lead people shift to other alternative products.

I think many of you reading this must be facing the same problem. but also there can be users who don’t face this problem at all. so how to make it work for both kind of users?

I interviewed the same 25 Instagram daily users to see if anyone else is facing the same problem or some other problem.

1. Why do you use Instagram?

Common answers:
1. To post photos & To stay connected with friends
2. Chat
3. To stay up to date with trends.

2. How many times do they use Instagram in a single day?
Common answers 5 to 10 times a day.

3. How much time do they spend on Instagram every time they open Instagram?
Ranges from 10 min to 20 mins on Instagram every time they open the app.

I also listed some pain points they are facing:
1. Overloaded content
2. Users are missing out some important update from friends.
3. Users are spending an average of 2–3 hours a day on Instagram due to mixed content and they want to reduce it.
4. Unable to find the post that user forgot to like/save and don’t remember the account.

80% users agreed that so much time is spent on scrolling feed to see what they want, which is leading distraction & less productivity.

We follow all kinds of accounts. such as friends, family, companies, some accounts related to fun, some related to profession, some related to interest base and some accounts for self-motivation.

To conclude:
Users have faced privacy issues in Facebook and the alternative option was Instagram, It definitely helped users to resolve few issues, but the product still doesn’t resolve the privacy issues and content management in a simplest way.

privacy issues related to adding new content (your story/status) and feed priority is still a section where Instagram can work on. 
Do check 
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