My name is Sandeep P Gaonkar

I help companies build better products

A start-up with


I started my first business at the age of 16. A startup which i never named. With the help of my friends when i was studying my 11th grade we came up with an idea of printing designs & logos on t-shirts. It was 2006 and only wood block printing was available, it was  cheap and best option. We started woodblock printing plan and started searching for customers. 

Our first client was my high school LBHS, Every Wednesday and Saturday we had plain white dress given to us by our school. We suggested to have our school logo’s on t-shirt and we charged around Rs. 10 per t-shirt. Later we spoke with few more school’s in my home town Davangere, Karnataka, and in a year time we covered almost all schools in my city. We never named it, as no one asked us. Later i moved out of the city, to do Bachelor of Engineering.

My Engineering life 

Tea & Egg Omelette 

My first 3 months of engineering was very boring and was constantly having an urge of missing something. I studied B.E in STJIT, Haveri district. My college was in outskirts. Even to have a cup of tea students have to travel back to city. We had a canteen which was pure vegetarian and not managed properly. 

There was an old empty shed in-front of my college, I made a deal for Rs 800 per month rent. Assigned a family of two for cooking and to operate the place.  Started with just tea and egg omelette. 

Again, I din’t name this business, but i heard many students calling it as Egg Shed.

Last two years before graduation I also worked with a Bangalore based company Clicksoft to sell their software products for advocate’s.

Won 1st  prize, final year engineering project in
M.S Ramaiah college for building solar engine. 


Organic Health Drink

Moved to Bangalore, started working with Pipeco, a Malaysia based company. Parallelly i took all my saving money and spent building a product Moltz.
Motive was to build a nutritional drink to provide in hospitals.

Its a millet and seed based organic health drink, tested the nutrition quantity in two labs. Started with one outlet in Jayadeva hospital, Bangalore. A team of 6 members four outlets in 2 years.

I had to discontinue as a regulation came into picture to have licence for selling branded products in hospital and it was expensive at that time to have one. 

Sold all 4 outlets to my team members as they were interested to do business individually with other products.


Weekend Trek Planner

I started organizing trekking on weekends once or twice a month.
It’s an amazing time to go out of metro life and enjoy green nature.

Met new people, shared life and work experience.
I used to organize night trek Bangalore, Kolar outskirt and 2 day trek to Brahmagiri, Coorg.


Software products.

Started working with Thattva Innovations and Cumulations building and selling software products.

Cumulations was a stepping stone for me. understanding users and building better successful products.

Worked with best tech and design team, helping large companies like Intel, Siemens, Bosch build innovative Internet of Things software products.

Both B2B and B2C products.

Logicwall Software,
Help startup build products

Nothing is more satisfying than helping startups to build creative and revenue generating product.

And more satisfying when you see them growing and getting funded. At Logicwall, i have always focused helping startups and large organization to build creative and user focused products.

My clients from Sweden and Germany are very happy with my approach for new product development and worked with few Indian companies like 3M and Dialogues.


Listen to everyone

Do what is right for
your product

Solution for Instagram Custom Feed, help users prioritize feed

Why are people are choosing Instagram over Facebook?